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We are there when you need us most.

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Tolerance and Risk are important factors in any business, let us solve your most complicated obstacles, and minimize your risk.


Human Intervention & Emergency Concierge Service

The R.A.P.I.D. services are one of a kind, these services can be provided within hours and sometimes minutes from your request, they are meant to be used when you need us most and only to be used during an active threat to you or your business.

In business, tolerance and risk are the measuring factors in every decision that is made, too much on one side can lead to major loss, and too much on the other has the trade-off for higher returns or gains. To be successful there is a balance you must reach to ensure success. 

Tech 11 is ready to be your guide when the scale tips on the side of increased risk, our Rescue And Preparedness In Disasters Team can help you mitigate and reduce the impact of these threats to bring you back to normalcy.

“Fixing problems and handling crises are two different things, find a way to remove both.” 


Every situation has a solution, we can help you solve them, faster and more efficiently.

& Monitoring Systems

Our detection and monitoring system, equipped with innovative smart sensors, is able to detect any changes in the density of a given area. The sensors, which are contained in a lab-on-a-chip beacon, are highly sensitive, selective, and miniaturized, with low unit costs. They are able to detect a variety of factors, including live matter, environmental changes, electricity, vibration, tilt, and human behavior, through the use of software.

These detection systems can be integrated into your organization to mitigate any potential risks or losses. Triggers can be set to respond immediately to changes in the specified detection systems.

Mitigation Services

Mitigation Services cover a wide range of services that create solutions to problems that you do not have the staff or resources to mitigate. These services fall into four categories.

1. Emergencies related to water, fire, or natural disasters.

2. Specialty Trades Immediate Need (software, hardware, service, and engineering).

3. Business Continuity and Threat Detection (personal, operational, insider, and external threat).

4. Compliance and Regulation Violations (software, hardware, construction, and government).

Emergency Response Team

The Specialists Emergency Response Team are certified professionals in their field that specialize in analyzing and remediating the challenges they face, quickly and with the utmost professionalism to get you where you need to be.


These services range in the fields of construction, electrical systems, engineering services, manned security, executive protection, cybersecurity breach mitigation and patching, software development, digital forensics, and counterespionage.

Cybersecurity & Investigations

The cybersecurity and investigation group is a quick deployment team that has all the expertise to deal with any digital forensic investigation, cybersecurity, patching software and network weaknesses, and meeting regulations at a moment's notice.


These teams range based on the needs of the situation and the allotted time to deal with the threats.

Sourcing & Procurement

From finding new sources for materials for cost efficiency and conflict-free initiative to maintaining or bringing material costs down while keeping all the necessary certifications, quality, and warranties to meet timelines and budgets.


Our focus is to arrange to get it in your hands fast so you can get the job done and to continue developing and mapping different avenues to continue to decrease cost, both in the logistical management, and individual product. 

Branding & Culture

Branding is an essential aspect of any business, as it helps to define and communicate the unique identity of the company to its target audience. A strong brand can differentiate a business from its competitors, establish credibility and trust, and create a sense of loyalty among customers. It is important to invest in the development and maintenance of a strong brand image, as it can have a significant impact on the success of the business.

Culture, on the other hand, refers to the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the atmosphere and environment of a company. A positive corporate culture can foster teamwork, productivity, and employee satisfaction, leading to increased business success. It is important to actively cultivate and nurture a healthy corporate culture, as it can attract top talent, improve employee retention, and ultimately drive business growth.

Our goal is to listen to your needs, visualize how we can improve operation and service, execute your business design, and bring new ideas and concepts that can help you expand your business safely without affecting your bottom line.




Managed IT 

Software Applications



Consulting & Projects


Experience Enhancement

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