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Keep your environment safe and up-to-date with the latest security innovations

Embrace the future with cutting-edge security technology solutions

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Installation, design, and service for all your security technology needs.

Tech11, a top-tier systems integration firm, specializes in delivering superior electronic security, cybersecurity, fire and life safety, building automation, and audio-visual systems. We partner with leading manufacturers to provide innovative solutions for enterprise clients. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is guided by our core values, driving us to exceed client expectations and continuously improve our services.

Our collaborations in strategy, consulting, technology, interactive design, and operational management enhance our offerings, ensuring streamlined communication and accountability. With over 35 years of collective experience, we excel in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced systems, offering the latest in security and communication technologies.


Embracing the digital era's rapid evolution, Tech11 integrates AI, self-optimizing software, and business intelligence, aiding clients in achieving their strategic goals and maintaining a competitive edge. We are dedicated to assisting clients in their digital transformation journey, understanding the urgency of adapting to post-digital challenges.

Solutions Overview

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Tech11 is a systems integration company that specializes in electronic security, cybersecurity, fire and life safety, building automation, and audio-visual systems for enterprise customers. We have over 35 years of service experience and a track record of successfully designing, installing, and maintaining complex systems and processes.

Tech 11 serves the following industries


  • Aviation

  • Data Centers

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Municipal Government

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Higher Education

  • K-12

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Energy

  • Commercial

  • HOA Residential

  • High Rise Residential

  • Manufacturing

  • Hospitality

  • Retail & Distribution

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Electronic Secuity
  • Physical Identity and Access Management

  • Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

  • Integrated Video Surveillance

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Wireless Technology

  • Access Control

  • Visitor Management

  • Package Management

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Remote Management

Our services are designed with advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing us to effectively oversee and manage all technology aspects of your events from our centralized operations center. This enhanced approach not only guarantees rapid response times but also ensures the seamless operation and uptime of all technological elements critical to your event's success. By choosing our services, you gain the assurance of continuous oversight and expert management for every aspect of your event's technology infrastructure.

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Drone Protection

Your property's security and privacy are crucial. We offer sophisticated drone protection against emerging threats, with cutting-edge detection and countermeasures aiding your security teams.


Additionally, we can provide drones for enhance alarm verification, patrols, and rapid response, integrating technology for improved protection and efficiency.

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Smart Guard

Enhance the security of your property and its perimeter with temporary fencing that is equipped with lighting, vibration sensors, and security cameras featuring the latest AI analytics and sensors. From a central location, you can manage your complete security posture and servicing, including viewing alerts of trespassing and sending security directly to the location with an image of the individual. Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to securing your property and ensuring the safety of those on the premises.

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Fire Extinguishing System
Fire Alarm & Life Safety

Secure your essential environments and assets with Tech 11's complete range of solutions. Our team, comprised of skilled professionals, specializes in designing and implementing extensive fire alarm and life safety systems. We offer a full spectrum of services from testing and inspection to monitoring and maintenance, ensuring your business remains uninterrupted. Our localized service is tailored to meet the safety goals of any industry

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Video Surveillance

Tech 11 specializes in custom video surveillance systems tailored to your business needs, integrating seamlessly into operations. With advanced AI technology, our solutions provide management and security teams real-time feeds for preventing breaches, responding to threats, and detecting internal theft or violations. We partner with leading manufacturers and developers, ensuring a security setup that precisely meets your needs and leverages AI.

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To learn more about how Tech11 can provide you with event security services, please contact us.

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