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From the Office to Home. Modernize Your Operations for Today's Digital World.

Turnkey Solution

Reduce overhead and local service staff, while maintaining the service, support, and security levels needed for your operation to thrive in today's economy. Tech 11 is capable of delivering the software, hardware, remote staff, and expertise to conduct business as usual with the highest level of security and service. We provide the unexpected.


We have deep expertise across a wide variety of technologies and processes you know and use in all aspects of your business, we believe your operation can benefit from our turnkey solution. 

Business Operations

Cross-Functional Management

  • Facilitate Conversation: Create opportunities for synergies across the business ecosystem on topics such as developing business models, organizational design and cross-functional initiatives to drive long term business sustainability.

  • Decision Making: Build consensus among cross-functional teams and influence decision making with leadership audiences.

  • Build Relationships: Build productive and positive relationships across the organization at all levels to drive influence.

  • Holistic View & Alignment: Develop and utilize frameworks to help structure the team’s thinking, drive visibility, and facilitate alignment.



  • Execution: Lead day to day operations and deliver on strategy and operational plans from the planning process against the strategic vision for the company.

  • Operational Cadence/Rhythm of Business: Establish an operating rhythm of the business to ensure the organization is running effectively and efficiently to meet goals and objectives.

  • Cost Reduction: Find and pursue cost reduction opportunities.

  • Business Process Improvement: Manage to centralize repository of processes and improve processes to minimize complexities and optimize to promote effective operations.



  • Collection & Insights: Gather and analyze data, formulate and test hypotheses, synthesize findings, develop go-forward plans, and help drive and translate recommendations into results.


Reporting, Metrics, and KPIs

  • Reporting: Author, manage, and deliver executive-level reporting, including weekly, monthly, quarterly status reports to manage risks and issues and improve team communication and collaboration.

  • Metrics: Lead creation, identification, and insights of metrics to improve business performance and drive business actions.

  • KPIs: Develop and track key KPIs across the team to track strategic goals, milestones, and accomplishments.


Strategic Planning

  • Insights Framework: Build the framework for the analysis behind company-wide strategic decisions related to all functions.

  • Planning and Business Rhythms: Run organizational planning and business rhythm processes in alignment with all other functions to develop vision, mission, goals, objectives, and key results (OKRs), resource and capital plans, etc.



  • Strategic Partnerships: Asses and develop potential strategic partnerships from technology and the GTM perspective.

  • M&A: Manage all merger & acquisition activities with a focus on due diligence and post-deal integration.

  • GTM & International: Orchestrate the design and execution of all aspects of go-to-market.

  • New Opportunities: Explore new markets and business models through industry trends, historical trends, forward-looking forecasts, competitive assessment, etc. and build/evaluate recommendations for strategic growth and monetization.


  • Special Projects Identify and implement new initiatives with key stakeholders to develop, champion, and launch new initiatives.

  • Internal Consultant: Act and operate as an internal consultant, working directly with multiple stakeholders, management, and various related departments to be able to optimize team performance.

  • Project Management: Take complete ownership of projects/ programs from cradle to grave: business case, scope, cost, schedule, action cycles, risks, issues, decisions, interdependencies, and milestones.



  • Resource Planning & Management: Implement and maintain the resource management system to effectively manage resource utilization.

  • Culture & Engagement: Maintain harmony and ensure shared responsibility of business objectives with a focus on team development and employee career growth.

  • Recruiting & Onboarding: Help with recruiting operations and oversee new employee onboarding and training programs.

  • Training: Engage employees through meaningful training and growth opportunities.



  • Budget: Plan and manage budget including annual, quarterly, and monthly expense tracking.

  • ROI:: Partner with Finance and the business to manage, analyze, and review organizational budgets, measure & track ROI, and reconcile and explain discrepancies.

  • Procurement: Manage the procurement process along with vendor and supplier relationships.


Communications and Change Management

  • Communication Calendar: Create, manage, and maintain specific communications and cadence for All Hands meetings, QBRs, team meetings, ongoing communications, etc.

  • Framework: Establish a structure and cadence of program and function reviews to increase visibility, drive alignment, and resolve blockers.

  • Change Management: Develop strategic change and drive change management and business transformation efforts.

Unified Communications & Collaborations

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is a combination of enterprise communication tools assembled into a single interface and integrated into a single management system focusing on making your company more connected, efficient, and productive. 


UC&C helps enterprises to overcome the inefficiencies and challenges that were previously fragmented between diffrent software.

The set of products include a variety of communications and collaboration tools including:

  • Email, Text, and Voicemail: Bringing all your services into one platform will allow aligning the proper access to information, security, and uniformity while assuring the proper use of your assets.

  • Calendars and Scheduling Systems: Managing calendars and time schedules are an important asset to maximizing your workforce and productivity, these systems will also allow for time management of your clients to properly communicate at time schedules and facilitate the contactless communication that some clients desire. 

  • Visitor and Access Control Systems: You can manage all your locations and traffic to these locations securely by providing the right access to people only as needed and create safeguards to make sure unauthorized access is denied or notifications are sent in case of trespass. 

  • Video Management Systems: Having a video that can think for itself or connect the video with the proper individuals is imperative for dealing with potential threats, we can use artificial intelligence to notify of only important events as well sending live videos to actual guards that can react to the notification by voice down, light or audible alarm activation.

  • Real-time Communications: Up to the second communication with your team or clients, you can also provide access to only the employees that need to be in the room. This system can also work with a customer portal to communicate via text or chat to adjust to the most usual communication system to date. 

  • Web, Audio, and Video Conferencing: In these times we are all familiar with web conferencing, this allows you to have your own private systems to communicate between your employees and clients.

  • CRM, Marketing, and Sales Platforms: This system allows you to function like a Fortune 500 company, Sales Enablement, Marketing Automation, and Customer Service can be handled all at once to track and analyze the interaction between your company and clients.

  • Business Operation Collaboration Softwares: From the day to day software like Microsoft365 or Google G Suite, to your own personal software to bring together your operational needs. We have an integrated platform to keep your business moving from anywhere in the world. Securely.

  • Human Interface Systems and Kiosk: Form Face to Face video and voice communication with custom-designed Kiosk for any location, to the voice down from a security officer, we can manage any threat, service, or customer support with a personal approach.

UC&C offers any organization an array of benefits, providing employees with a consistent experience and interface across all types of devices, enhancing their ability to telecommute or work remotely.

Benefits and Operation can acquire by services:

  • Integrated Experience: UC&C provides a single, cohesive, and consistent experience by combining email, mobile, voice, web conferencing, and real-time communications.

  • Increased Enterprise Productivity and Collaboration: Conventional communications tend to be bulky and inconsistent, leaving your employees spending more time learning different tools, and less time getting work done. With UC&C tools your teams will be able to work together more efficiently and productively through a variety of channels.

  • Improved User experience: By reducing the need for separate training, user names, and passwords, your employees will find UC&C tools easier to access and use.

  • Reduced all service software, services, and hardware costs guaranteed: With all communications integrated into a single platform, you’ll have fewer potential failure points and risks of error, reducing the need for constant help from multiple diffrent entities and a reduction in monthly and yearly cost.

By enabling users to communicate and collaborate in a more flexible and intuitive way, UC&C is often credited with increasing employee productivity and improving collaboration.

UC&C simply revolutionizes business communications by offering an all-encompassing, flexible suite of tools to make your business run more smoothly and more secured by adjusting and understanding human and device behavioral patterns that can unknowingly disrupt your company. Take the next steps in learning more about adopting UC&C in your company


Security Technology


Security Technology has a wide variety of technologies and operational systems, these services can range from customer service, customer access, visitor access, delivery access, rapid response to incidents, reviewing of video investigation with artificial intelligence and analytics, creating an incident and daily reports, dispatching security officers directly to the location needed, and contacting emergency services when needed, and many more.

A Security Operations Center gives an organization a central location to deal with a variation of security issues. Rapid response time is crucial; employees must have all the necessary tools to react quickly to situations when they arise. In some cases, a SOC employee may need to actively monitor security cameras and immediately dispatch officers to a physical location. In other types of SOCs, like those focusing on DDoS detection and mitigation, engineers must be able to respond in real-time to cyber attacks. Every moment counts when a threat must be quickly found and neutralized.

If your operation wants to manage these services partially or fully, Tech11 can be your one-stop for all your needs. You get access to an organizational hub of highly skilled team members and technology whose goal is to detect, prevent, and respond to all threats or circumstances.

Tech 11 SOC continually monitors a business’s day to day operation with security and service in mind, preventing serious breaches in real-time and providing the highest levels of customer service.

Tech 11’s Security Operations Centers (SOC) are fully equipped with monitoring mechanisms to ensure effective electronic monitoring. SOC analysts and emergency dispatchable technicians are always on standby to mitigate any technical issues or system failures that may arise.


Tech11’s Security Operations Centers include:

  • Remote Operation of Access Control, Video Intercoms, Tele-entry Systems

  • Visitor Management Systems and Virtual Towers

  • Live Monitoring and Recording Review with AI

  • Emergency and Disaster Response

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring and Response

  • Vulnerability Mapping

  • Centralized Database

  • Loss Prevention and Detection Systems

  • Maintenance of Data Logs, Access Control, Security Video Cameras, 

  • Customized Interface

  • Insider Risk Detection and Response


Cloud-Based Services

The cloud is everywhere, we rarely notice it. You associate with the cloud throughout your day as you check your phone for new emails or as you browse through social media, and again as you open your maps app to check traffic conditions on the way to work.

Once at work, you use it any time that you use web-based software by opening your browser and typing and address. When we go home, perhaps you are doing the same by opening any mobile applications without giving it a second thought that we are consuming a cloud service built on top of another cloud service like Amazon's AWS or Microsoft Azure.

All of these are cloud services, yet we experience them in completely different ways, and as such Tech 11 can make your systems and processes just as accessible and easy to use and sometimes more secure.

WHY CLOUD? You may ask yourself, what's the difference between software I can access remotely and the cloud, well it's simple. Accessing information of your business from an outside location is one way (view only, not edit or add) that's just internet, and depending on your IT budget and structure it can be unsecured. Accessing information through your business from and outside location and being able to edit, collaborate, add, send automated notifications, emergency backup, disaster recovery, two-way encryption, and add storage and processing power as needed in case of sudden growth is the cloud. The one-time and reoccurring investments for both are very diffrent, and depending on your path the answer is can be simple.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS delivers software and applications via the cloud, which differ from other software in that it’s far more scalable. It’s also much easier for a new software operation to launch a new application in the cloud. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a cloud environment or platform for developers to build cloud applications or just where your operations software live and grow with the chosen operating system.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a platform offering raw computing power for service providers. It can also include the servers, file or object storage, load balancers, network firewall, CDNs, etc. 

Private Cloud
In a private cloud, the infrastructure, the platform, and the software all exist only for one company. Your organization or Tech 11 can run your own data center location, we can provide most of the hardware, software, and maintenance. The cost savings that come with cloud computing tend to evaporate in this model of deployment but the initial cost can increase.


Only certain industries with highly sensitive data or reassurance of no data leakage prefer to use private clouds due to the security standards needed. 

To make the most out of a private cloud, Tech 11 takes careful considerations to gain the scalability and efficiency benefits of the private cloud, the majority or even the whole business environment will be virtualized. 


Cloud-Based Service is growing exponentially and a recent survey by the Cloud Security Alliance found that an overwhelming 64.9% of IT leaders think the cloud is as secure or more secure than on-premises software.

Depending on the needs of your operation you will have a one or a mixture of diffrent Cloud-Based Services to achieve your goal, it is also very important to know where you are today and where you want to be so we can deliver the correct solution that will not only yield results but will reduce future downtime and can be as flexible as your business while keeping you within budget. 



We go above and beyond your expectations to deliver unique solutions to enhance your business posture or deal with unexpected threats, fast.

Our goal is to listen to your needs, visualize how we can improve operation and services and help you secure your business safely without affecting your bottom line.


Managed IT 

Software Applications



Consulting & Projects


Experience Enhancement

R.A.P.I.D. Intervention 

Business Operation
Unified Communication & Collaboration
Security Technology
Cloud-Based Services
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