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Keep your environment safe and up-to-date with the latest security innovations


The lack of security incidents can lead to operational complacency. A security master plan ensures your security priorities, budgets, and actions align with your essential needs.


Our security experts prioritize risks, uncover organizational vulnerabilities, and create practical mitigation strategies. We formulate a roadmap to optimize your security budget for essential improvements, and craft a strategic development plan that blends your policies, procedures, systems, and staff for sustainable growth.

Our aim is to construct a proficient program tailored to your corporate goals, utilizing your current resources. This involves developing a plan that guides prioritization, estimation, and implementation of adaptable risk mitigation actions to meet evolving needs.


How do we do it...

Effective security risk management starts with a strategic plan — an outline of your security department, its functions, and its integration with the broader organization. Grounded in best practices, our strategic security plans are tailored to your specific needs. We believe the most successful plans encompass responsibilities for prevention, detection, investigation, response to incidents, and continuous monitoring and updating of the plan.

Our methodology for crafting a strategic security plan begins with evaluating the current risk landscape. We identify high-risk areas in your organization, considering both the potential impact and the probability of occurrence.

Our security measures for a comprehensive security master plan addresses the following





This approach minimizes both initial capital and long-term operational and maintenance costs, while fulfilling security performance criteria.


For clients without established security standards, Tech11 will set these standards through strategic planning, which involves:


  • Reviewing security policies, procedures, and operations

  • Conducting Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Analysis

  • Assessing current security systems and their interfaces

  • Proposing physical, technical, and operational security and risk mitigation solutions

  • Developing Emergency Response Systems and Procedure

  • Creating a Digital Site Reference Manual with standards applicable across all locations


We recognize that a one-size-fits-all plan is not feasible for all facilities within an organization, and strategic plans must be dynamic and adaptable.


Tech 11 assists in crafting a bespoke plan, helping your business to prioritize, estimate, and execute risk mitigation strategies, scalable to meet evolving needs.

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