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From analyzing, designing, installing monitoring systems for utilities, Tech11 promotes proactive
operation and maintenance that extends the longevity of your assets and lowers costs.

Our Utility Assessments and Monitoring services promote proactive operation and maintenance that extends your assets’ longevity and lowers costs by providing analytics with common use, ways to save on usage as well as peak times to decrease the use of utility services. 


Tech 11 utilizes best practices and modern proven technologies to increase your knowledge about the operations of your system.

Our service includes the design, installation, monitoring, and analysis of standard utility parameters using hardware and software information systems.


Value of Tech 11 Utility Assessments and Monitoring Solutions:


  • Increased knowledge and understanding of utility performance

  • Proactive and anticipatory operational decision capabilities to improve performance.

  • Detect events to anticipate breakdowns, avoid risks and correct inefficiencies to save money

  • Intelligent data treatment, statistical analysis, and events detection enable analysis, match patterns, and filter false alarms

  • Operational dashboard with a workflow to process and interpret events

  • A unique, proprietary software suite to enable performance optimization

Our team specializes in Utility Infrastructure assessment; with years of Utility experience behind us in different industries. Knowing the utility companies' electric distribution systems; location, type, voltage capacity, and constraints or, gas nad HVAC distribution systems; pressure, location, and capacity constraints can mitigate project costs.


Knowing what utility infrastructure is available near your project and conforming to match their system supply can avoid costly equipment purchases or exchanges, or order changes.


We assist with planning ahead to let you know the least-cost method for being supplied service from the utilities by identifying what utility infrastructure is in your immediate area for supplying the service needs of your project.

Whatever your requirements, we will be excited to discuss your project, please contact us today.

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