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Construction monitoring gives you a clear view of your project’s progress and allows you to address problems before and as they arise. Using our expertise, we can also help you install and manage real-time monitoring systems to further enhance your project management.

Construction monitoring is an accurate and positive way of checking the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project. Our specialist teams will oversee all aspects of construction identified by your due diligence phase and provide reports, updates, and advice to give you complete project control.

Areas to monitor include: the construction environment, quality control, timeliness and meeting targets, negotiations, suppliers and supplier performance, health & safety, costings, materials, conformance with plans and specifications.

From start to finish, Tech 11’s construction monitoring services help clients ensure deadlines are met cost-effectively, efficiently, and on schedule. Every phase of the construction schedule is important. Whether it’s a new location buildout, remodel, rebranding, upgrade, or expansion, clients rely on us to systematically monitor construction progress with timely visits to sites and key reporting that notates any errors or concerns. Our process provides comprehensive reporting of outcomes, validation of unforeseen cost differentiation, and more. Monitoring can be customized—both in detail and in the frequency of visits—for better cost control and to meet the specific needs of each project’s demands.

Tech 11 goes above and beyond for every client and project and is reliable, accurate, timely, and experienced. Tech 11 is committed to getting your job done right, a promise we fulfill with unparalleled real estate experience, best-in-class processes and technologies, and a client focus that consistently exceeds expectations.

Some of the key benefits of Tech 11 Construction Monitoring services are:

  • Consistent, scalable results

  • Quality monitoring

  • Scheduled monitoring and reporting

  • Budget monitoring

  • Document and drawing reviews

  • Change order reviews to determine all charges are justified

  • Figuring of costs of deviation from the schedule.


Systems and Solutions we can provide monitoring:


  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • Building Engineering Services – MEP (M&E)

  • MEP Design

  • MEP Coordination

  • MEP Drafting

  • MEP Modelling

  • Prefabricated & Modular Manufacturing

  • Architectural CAD Services

  • Architectural 3D Rendering

  • Virtual Reality

  • Scan to BIM

  • BIM and CAD Project Management

We provide services across the real estate life cycle, including:

  • ADA Assessments & Consulting

  • Branding Roll-outs

  • Construction Management

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Open Store Remodels

  • Planned Capital Programs

  • Project Management

  • Renovations

  • Seismic Risk Assessments

  • Site Investigation Reports

To learn more about how Tech11 and our partners can help, please contact us.

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