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In today’s increasingly digitized world, computer forensics plays an important role in both civil and criminal trials. Computer forensics experts have found critical evidence on seized computers in cases ranging from corporate fraud to organized crime activities to terrorism, leading to numerous successful criminal indictments and convictions.

Tech 11 specializes in asset searches and bank account searches. We can find assets and bank accounts for judgment collection, probate, and court cases, also locate assets for judgment enforcement, estates, pre, and post-litigation. We can help lawyers, private investigators, and consumers for all of your asset search needs.

Our professionals pride themselves on conducting investigations with rigor, precision, and strict attention to detail – all of which are critical to analyzing key issues for our clients. The result is trusted client relationships and effective outcomes.


  • Forensic Imaging of Computers and Systems: Forensic imaging of hard drives and other digital storage devices plays a key role in the preservation of evidence. Forensic analysis of a computer or system can yield a wealth of valuable evidence, including business records, emails, names and addresses, and deleted files, together with create dates, last modified dates, and other telltale metadata.


  • Preservation and Analysis of Evidence: Tech 11 computer forensics experts are trained to preserve data by forensically imaging digital devices without altering any of the data on those devices. Our experts are also trained to retrieve deleted files, recover erased online browsing history, and preserve key evidence in criminal cases as well as in a wide variety of civil matters such as those alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, falsification of records, collusion for the purpose of price-fixing, and concealment of product defects. Our computer forensics skills can also be instrumental in proving allegations of “spoliation” – that a party has deleted emails and other data from their computer systems despite a duty to preserve such information.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Accounting, Fraud, and Independent Fact-Finding Investigations

  • SEC, DOJ, and CFTC Enforcement Matters and Consulting Assistance

  • Ponzi Schemes, Whistleblower, Embezzlement, and Kickback Matters

  • Anti-Corruption Investigations

  • Compliance Program Reviews, Enhancements, and Remediation

  • Forensic Accounting Analysis and Reconstruction of Books and Records

  • Internal Control Risk Assessment

  • Analytics & Data Optimization

  • Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

  • Anti-Corruption

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Compliance & Ethics

  • eDiscovery

  • Geopolitical Intelligence

  • Investigations

  • Litigation & Disputes

  • Visual Communication

  • White Collar & Securities

How We Investigate

Financial investigations are often the result of suspicious activity within an entity. Skill and experience are needed to conduct a thorough investigation that includes an acute review of records to identify discrepancies. To get to the truth, our team of financial investigators methodically follows the money and delivers clients the facts they need to seek remediation or take legal action.

To learn more about how Tech11 and our partners can provide help, please contact us.

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