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Whether your facility or organization is large or small, we are always prepared to help you overcome your most difficult security and operational challenges.



Your organization needs a strong defensive posture to effectively manage daily threats that continue to grow increasingly sophisticated.





As part of a Physical Security Development Assessment, we examine all aspects of your infrastructure and other assets, utilizing our expertise in security and technology to uncover potential security vulnerabilities. We provide a thorough assessment of your buildings, facilities, and network to develop an actionable plan for addressing your security needs.


A Tech 11 Physical Security Assessment is an important first step in assembling a comprehensive and proactive physical security solution that grows with your needs; it is designed to help you quickly and easily identify areas where your site is vulnerable to security breaches. It will also reveal any areas you’ll need to review with our security experts to determine the best course of action to protect your facilities and employees. Upon completion of your Physical Security Assessment, you’ll have a full report and specific recommendations to improve your security posture.

Our solutions are designed using the latest technologies from the market leaders in the security and surveillance industries. Utilizing our exceptional knowledge, experience, and creativity, we work with you to assess your needs and provide valued and customized solutions.




By electing Tech11 as your physical security consultant, you gain a client-focused voice you can trust to give you a no-nonsense assessment, our team will work hard to solve your most complex and difficult security challenges. Helping you protect and preserve your assets in an increasingly vulnerable world is what we do.


Whether your facility or organization is large or small, we are always prepared to partner with you to help you overcome your most difficult security challenges.




Increase productivity and efficiency in your corporate and line of business operations with Tech11. We help clients streamline processes to drive profitable growth.


Poorly defined processes, improper staff training, and badly implemented service infrastructure can lead to significant reductions in the efficiency of a service operation.  The results are slower response times and longer resolution windows, higher case backlogs, poor utilization of service staff, poor morale, and higher turnover of service staff.


Tech11can help streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and drive significant gains in service effectiveness. In addition, we can provide a framework for service excellence that will enable continuous improvement and measurement of service effectiveness.


  • Create repeatable and predictable process outcomes

  • Implement service industry best practices

  • Leverage service industry standards drive success.



Assessing Operational Performance

In order to identify the issues affecting operational performance, companies need to conduct detailed assessments to uncover root cause issues. The result of our proven assessment methodology is a clear understanding of the issues affecting your operation and a detailed road map to improve service operations efficiency.


Leveraging Industry Standards to Drive Success

As part of the process of improving operations efficiency, companies need a framework for continuous improvement to drive their efforts. The Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards establish the global benchmark for service excellence. The standards quantify service effectiveness based upon stringent performance benchmarks and represent industry best practices. Companies can achieve certification by undergoing a comprehensive audit of service operations to confirm that they meet the business requirements defined by the standards. As a result, the standards keep the service operation focused on continuous improvement and have a measurable benchmark of service excellence through the certification audit process.


Improving operational effectiveness

Using our deep sector and technical business operations consulting experience, we transform our clients’ core business and operations, helping them to prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda, and maximize operational efficiency. We bring the entire breadth and depth of Tech11’s capabilities to our clients, offering real value by designing and running an impactful and transformational business operations programs.


  • Enterprise Model Design

  • Outsourcing Advisory

  • Shared Services

  • Banking and Securities Operations

  • Health Plan Operations

  • Insurance Service Operations

  • Provider Performance Improvement

  • State Gov’t Strategy and Operations

  • Real Estate Transformation & Location Strategy

  • Revenue Cycle Transformation

  • Business Operation Software and Hardware Innovation

  • Security Technology Integration and Deployment

  • Robotics and Cognitive Innovation

  • Strategic Cost Transformation

To learn more about how Tech11 and our partners can provide you with security operations development services, please contact us.

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