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Tech 11 Forensic and Surveillance Investigation services provides a solution for operations that need a critical investigation using enhancement technology for your current systems. Services can be done on-site or remotely based on the sensitivity of the investigation.

Where requested or felt necessary, we produce daily or weekly progress reports and monitor the results with our client. The rapidly changing nature of ongoing surveillance work and the results it achieves can determine if the operation continues or not, saving our clients costs and time.

To assist in collecting evidence to support a client’s case, Tech 11’s surveillance teams have a number of tools and surveillance techniques at their disposal to prove without a doubt the location of an asset or an individual and their activities. We can even deploy countermeasures that help prevent sensitive information leaking out of a client’s domain.

We can provide the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigations through our experienced team of local field investigators.  We pride ourselves on providing superior service and up-to-the-minute communications with our clients while using the latest technologies in the market today.



  • Video Footage Enhancement: We can enhance video or images to gather more data from an image to make it more efficient for AI analytics to work.


  • AI Video Analytics: Artificial Intelligence can be added to the video recording from a local system or cloud storage location to analyze all videos for very specific information like Face Recognition, Behavior Analytics, Intelligent Search, ANPR/LPR (License Plate Recognition), and many more.


  • Written and Audio Data Filtering: We can search audio in video and written data to search for specific information such as "When did John Doe attend the meeting" or "when did Joe Doe appear in an incident report".

  • Industrial Espionage: From investigating threats to preparing your self against theft, we have the solutions tho scan and investigate for espionage methods.


  • Medical Malpractice Claims

  • Matrimonial Cases

  • Child Custody Cases

  • Workers Compensation Claims

  • Disability Claims

  • Personal Injury Cases

  • FMLA Abuse

  • Employee Theft

  • Contractor Theft

  • Industrial Espionage Theft

  • Drug Investigations

  • Harassment and Stalking

  • Violence in the Workplace

  • Monitoring of Alarms and Response



Digital and Physical Investigation Services can solve many challenges to protect your operation in many ways, with a multitude of ways to damage your brand Tech 11 can be your partner in helping you to react as quick as possible to any threat or investigation.


  • Industrial espionage is growing as markets go global and criminal elements realize the value of intellectual property and trade secrets. The estimate of losses to industrial espionage and cyber fraud is massive.

  • Data theft is growing ever more sophisticated. “Spies” have mastered special interviewing techniques designed to release information from unsuspecting colleagues, they mill around trade shows posing as repairmen, and some are reported to be using laser equipment that can pick up conversations some distance away by recording vibrations off windows.


In response, corporate investigation agencies such as Tech 11 undertake technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), using the latest equipment to sweep meeting places for bugs and other eavesdropping devices. TSCM prevents any leak of confidential information and detects illegal monitoring, thus dissuading rivals, staff, and criminals from taking advantage.


Tech 11 can carry out sweeps periodically and then supply a security report, summarising essential measures a client needs to take to improve a company’s future data security. Tech 11 also offers company-wide training sessions for staff as part of a security strategy designed to crack down and hopefully eliminate future corporate espionage.


At Tech 11 we can advise on workplace surveillance policies because we know and adhere to the necessary legal guidelines. As ever, ignorance of the law is no defense. So be advised to do an impact assessment on how monitoring might affect your business, be upfront with your staff about your plans and, if you have any doubts, call us today.

To learn more about how Tech11 and our partners can provide or for a free consultation, please contact us.

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