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Keep your projects and contractors in line and on time, and stay within budget. Tech11 is your partner every step of the way.

Make Things Happen.

Tech11 provides a full range of process engineering and delivery services for both new and existing facilities including modifications and upgrades. Working closely with clients, our experts develop concepts and techniques from a ‘first principles’ approach, and the project manages every stage of the project life cycle from start to finish.


What sets us apart is our unique approach to concept studies – the most important stage of any project. Bringing every person involved together to look at every possible consideration of a project before deciding on the best approach. It’s this informed decision making that ensures our clients’ projects are always right the first time.


The project manager plays a critical role in establishing objectives and monitoring progress to drive the project to completion, on time, and within budget. We have certified Project Manager Professionals (PMP) dedicated to the management of all engineering projects to ensure our team meets the objectives to the customer’s satisfaction based on the performance metrics defined in the requirements document created from the initial assessments.


Our Project Management professionals bring:

  • All the tools necessary to complete the job including, web-based financial risk, and project management portals

  • Real-time reporting and asset visibility capabilities and tools

  • Program Management Professional and ITIL certifications

  • Dedication to your management team

  • Years of systems engineering program management experience




Our project managers are adaptable and responsive, making them perfectly placed to manage and deliver change. They apply industry proven principles to successfully manage change and deliver business benefits to our customers. In responding to an operating opportunity, problem, or threat, there are inevitable risks. Our risk management frameworks that are embedded into our procedures ensure key risks are identified, assessed, and addressed at both a strategic and project program level. Similarly, our structured framework ensures that change is managed, controlled, communicated, and coordinated.


We will create a custom team tailored to your operational strategy from our teams of experts. 

Construction and Security Technology

  • Access Control, Notifications, and Alarms

  • Camera System and Analytics

  • Contractor Management System

  • Construction Traits Shadowing and Clash Detection

  • Visitor Management System

  • Vehicle Entrance System and Alerts

  • Site Reference Manual

  • Emergency Response System and Procedures

  • Emergency Power Connection and Assessment

  • Mobile Resident and Visitor Verification Software

  • Information Technology Architecture and Deployment

  • Software Development and Deployment

Operations and Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations

  • Product Development

  • Business Process Management

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Change Management

  • Business Technology

  • Capital Business Management

  • Strategy Realization

  • Collaborative Project Management

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