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From accurate detection to managing and operating the consistent flow of traffic.

Tech11’s goal is to improve and facilitate your expansion and minimize gridlocks in your


Whether you are updating a single intersection, parking garage, or integrating an entire smart city project, Tech11 provides everything you need for accurate traffic detection and parking management.


Tech 11 provides a full range of smart parking and traffic mobility solutions that can integrate into other management systems for operation center oversight.


We connect people to the largest network of municipal, private, airport, transit, and stadium parking inventory in North America for easy transition from one location resources to other locations across cities and states. 


With both on- and off-street parking and reservations in one single app we can connect your residents and clients with one single interface for all front-facing necessities of your operation. Below you can see all the different types of parking and traffic solutions we support.


  • Municipalities

  • City

  • State

  • Gated Parking

  • Universities

  • Transit

  • EV Charging

  • Corporate Fleets

  • Airport Parking

  • Valet

  • Event Venues

  • Monthly Revenue Services 




Traffic Flow Management

From mechanical bollards to quickly close off or open areas, to traffic signal systems that adjust to the new flow of traffic based on restrictions and scheduled times. Tech 11 has a variety of equipment, installation, and detection methods that can increase safety, pedestrian and vehicle flow, and also integrate with law enforcement and Emergency Services communication system for detailed location even in vertical environments, and efficiency in responding to any emergency.

Detection Systems

Accurately detect what transportation systems are being used in your desired areas to increase the functionality of your revenue-generating systems and flow of traffic.

Accurate Data Optimization

From counting all vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians to create measurable safety and traffic improvements, to analytics to show an increase or decrease of patrons to maximize the use of public transportation and increase revenue.

Increased Parking Revenue

Our solutions can help generate more parking revenue for your location by digitizing processes and acclimating client to systems by adding recognition systems to reoccurring visitors with savings and ease of use.


Improved Customer Experience

A white-label app can make it fast and easy for customers to pay for parking at your locations so they keep coming back while understanding who is providing the services that have made it so easy to flow through your assets.


Decreased Operational Costs

Clients who implement our parking solutions have seen improved efficiency and a significant decrease in operating costs.


Better Payment Processing

Directly transfer funds to your merchant account and integration with major payment processors & eliminate additional fees while keeping that highest standard of security.


Marketing Support

We can support your location with a variety of in-app, email, and online marketing to drive more people to your locations.

To learn more about how Tech11 and our partners can provide you with Traffic Technology, please contact us.

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