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If you are looking to outsource some of your functions Tech11 has the mechanisms for
selecting, qualifying, and monitoring vendors  qualifications for your organization.

Protect your organization by making better vendor decisions by selecting, qualifying, and monitoring your vendors.

Tech 11 services are especially useful in settings where vendor quality is uncertain, and especially in situations in which a pilot project is undertaken for other reasons (e.g., demonstrating technical feasibility). We choose the right vendor for the job by taking an in-depth look into the specific needs of our clients to assure full delivery of services and maintenance of qualifications.

When you choose a third party vendor, your financial security, safety, and reputation are on the line. We mitigate that risk by detecting activities and behaviors that don’t align with your core business principals. Our one-stop solution addresses your security, risk management, internal auditing, and senior management needs by monitoring the credentials of businesses and individuals serving you.


Tech 11 handles 24/7 access to a series of physical and database screens that verify the profile of the business and its employees against a pre-defined rules engine to determine capabilities and compliance.


As a company, if you do not have a vendor screening policy or procedure in place by having a managed vendor list, you may be placing your company in jeopardy. Many management companies have at least one employee or more to manage the influx of incoming calls from vendors who want to work for them. As the company grows, so does the list of interested companies who want to work with the company. Your employees that are on your payroll are using valuable time to accept the calls, set up the vendors, and send them out to jobs. They don’t have a lot of time to conduct vendor compliance management. This is where we come in.


Tech 11 is comprised of dedicated professionals with executive backgrounds, who are very familiar with the vendor screening process for potential candidates. Our goal is to familiarize you with having an APPROVED VENDOR LIST, placing you in charge of whom you do business with, versus them mentality that luck brought the vendor to you in a time of need. We screen and monitor your vendor and provide an on-going process to ensure they meet your guidelines of vendor risk management that protect you and your owners from liability. Vendor screening is our specialty. In addition, we are happy to accept calls from your new potential vendors and advise them of your policies and procedures.

Our vendor screening services are a “must-have” for companies, of all industries. that rely on services provided by outside vendors.

To learn more about how Tech11 can provide you with screening and selection services, please contact us.

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